Total world reform is an unrealistic and unrealizable idea. However, the inability to fix the whole doesn’t mean the impossibility of fixing the part. It is impossible for all people to agree on only one ideology. This has never happened and will never happen, because of the duality of good and evil. The world can only be fixed through Good, and everybody loves Good, but the majority prefers immediate and private interests to common Good, choosing selfishness rather than duty, not because they hate duty but because of desiring immediate interests and pleasures. Therefore, it is impossible to fix the whole world or the whole society, not even the whole individual. And whoever wants to live a good life, he can achieve that without the need of total world reform, therefore the inclusive view of society and the world which is insisted upon by Materialism should be changed.

Life is governed by dualities not unities, so it is unrealistic to wish that the world will be unified on one thing. The idea of unifying society and the world is a materialistic idea even if it came in the name of religion, because the materialist sees people as one thing.