Nothing feels more bitter to man than feeling humiliated. We shouldn't let anyone feel humiliated and heart-broken. Whenever you discover that a certain act will humiliate someone you should be careful from it.

When someone feels humiliated, this means that their self has become insignificant to them and dishonored. Hence, can they then respect and love themselves? Of course not, and that includes what is natural and good in them. Thus, they won't care about themselves in whatever state they get into, even if it's a low state like corruption and addiction to drugs, they can do anything.

The feeling of dignity prevents man from many things. It prevents them from being in a shameful and disgraceful position. What makes us feel shy and ashamed is dignity and self-respect, so when we feel humiliated and degraded over and over again we won't care and feel ashamed anymore. And who doesn't feel ashamed will care no more about themselves and might do anything. That is why the prophet Muhammad said:  "Shyness brings nothing but good". And one poet said: " who feels degraded will easily accept humiliation, for a wound never hurts a dead man"

That is why feeling humiliated is the most dangerous thing a child may go through. When a child feels worthless and of no value at all and everyone else is better than him/her, from here begins his/her devastation and moral deviation and might turn into a tyrant and take his revenge from society. The basis of the acts of thieves and criminals is feeling humiliated and heart-broken. And breaking one's heart means breaking one's dignity, as if we say to him/her that we are human beings and you're not.

The child who feels happy after making something and finds people laughing at what s/he did or get beaten for it, this will make him/her hate what s/he did and hate all that is natural and virtuous, and easily turn to the artificial (evil) and seek strength from it.   

Humiliating someone and breaking their heart is like breaking the best thing in them, as if you are saying to him/her that you are not accepted and deserve nothing and you are finished. Thus this person will say about him/her self: since the best I have is rejected I will turn to evil and care about nothing.

Q : Dear AlWarraq, do you really think that morals and disgust are not originally material?

A: Yes, and I am sure. You have no evidence that they have a material origin, have you? Since there is no evidence that points to their material origin, then the doubt in their materiality is more valid than the doubt in their immateriality, because they look nothing like matter. Also, they are in opposition with the laws of matter and physics. So, on what basis can we say that morality and feelings of disgust are material? Rather, on what basis shall we doubt that they are not? 

As to the fallacy of the material and utilitarian basis of morality, it is a refuted one, because morals are morals and interests are interests . But to who utilizes morality for a selfish intention (self-interest), then this intention will identify the act. Thus, those seemingly moral acts can't be called morals, they're, rather, interests. If you have evidence proving the material basis of morals and disgust, please present it to us.

Materialists deal with feelings (including morals) as if they were material, in an entirely unscientific way, i.e. they depend on guessing. And that is a type of atheistic metaphysics. They firmly believe in the physicality of ideas and feelings without presenting any evidence, while they demand evidence from others on everything!   

Since feelings and thoughts are immaterial, therefore there is a moral (immaterial) world that exists within us, a spiritual world which motivate us .

The materialists denial of the soul is unscientific. Because they did not prove the physicality of what is attributed to the soul. We are in the age of knowledge, but they don't have any knowledge in this field. They want us to believe in what they say because we should trust them, trusting the scientific coats they wear and the flasks and tubes in front of them, i.e. the predesigned stage.

People's minds have never steeped this low before, because science now has become a puppet and a market for ideologies more than what happened with religion and history. Before, they used to control people in the name of religion. Now, the church of science has took the place of the church of religion. However, people who rely on their own thinking and don't hand their trust to anyone except their own minds, will not fall for this game, as they hadn't fell for the previous one.