Philosophy and science has always been working side by side, and they will always be. Sometimes philosophy precedes science to be followed by science to prove it, and sometimes science precedes philosophy to be followed by philosophy to analyze it and connect it to what we already know.

A scientist is actually two things: a scientist and a philosopher. He first thinks and assumes, then goes to test his assumptions and experiment. The experiment may result into something he didn’t think of, so he starts thinking philosophically about it, and then goes back to science for confirmation. Thus, there is an ongoing dialectic between science and philosophy till they match and conform, and then it become a reasonable scientific fact.

So, we can’t segregate science from philosophy, because they both integrate in the mind. There is no science without a mind, and no philosophy without a mind, therefore no science without philosophy and no philosophy without science.

Materialists may be speaking about the ontological and theoretical fields of study that revolve around man when they say that philosophy has weakened or died. But that doesn’t mean that philosophy itself is weakened, because most of the scientific discourse now is scientific theories. A theory is a theoretical approach towards a certain subject, and theoretical approaches are called philosophy! In other words, philosophy has been removed a little from newspapers and books to get into the field of science. And we are in the age of theories, because the abundance of theories we see now is unprecedented in the past centuries. This means that philosophy has moved into the field of science. Thus, I believe it’s false to separate science from philosophy.

The word philosophy doesn’t only mean exploring the issues of good and bad, morality, society and religion. Philosophy has a wider meaning; it includes interpreting the universe, the beginning of the universe, the emergence of life and many other fields of study that science is concerned with. That is why we have the evolution theory, accelerating universe, multiverse theories, quantum theory and a lot more. Those are nothing but philosophies that aren’t yet scientifically proven conclusively to be called science.

Consequently, people who talked about the death of philosophy have actually stolen it and called instead: science, to delude people into accepting their philosophy as science. The scientific theory is a philosophy but in the fields of matter not humanity, that’s all there is to it.

Science itself is stolen. The materialist philosophy stole it along with  philosophy to prove its ideologies. Materialists say that philosophy is dead, while they use it and rely on it but after they cover it with a  scientific coat. They do that so that people will not discuss and scrutinize their philosophies …scientific theories". Also, by arguing the death of philosophy, they aim to remove people from thinking, because there is no need to think, i.e. philosophize, when you have science.

The philosophers of nature before Socrates are a good example for philosophy in the realm of matter, like when Democritus thought that everything in the universe is composed of atoms. Socrates had turned the attention of philosophy to problems of man and society, and it stayed that way. And materialists have brought philosophy to study matter again. The materialist philosophy has brought philosophy back to matter to prove its ideas and atheistic view.

Whoever belittles philosophy will necessarily belittle logic. And whoever belittles logic is belittling the mind. And that is what the materialistic philosophy wants, to be accepted without reason, because reason opposes it a lot. Thus, whoever preaches the death of philosophy wants to end thinking and oppress its freedom, arguing that we have science so no need for your efforts. While science is actually stolen and subjected to propaganda.

 The tree is a very special creature. She doesn’t hurt other creatures, and she is not a burden on them; for she lives off inanimate objects, and on top of that she provides living beings with their food and energy that she takes from the sun. She doesn’t move, attack, or destroy. Nay, she provides oxygen, warmth, shadow, medicine and food for other living beings. She is the mother of all..

Even after she passes away she doesn’t stop giving, and her scent remains refreshing..

Learn from the plant‘s stability on the ground and loyalty to her homeland..

Learn from the plant‘s calmness, constant giving and survival under the toughest conditions. She never changes her place, she adapts with the environment she grew up in, and never migrates from it.

She uses her limited energy to make a fruit carrying her seeds, as a gift for the human or animal that eats it and transport the seeds.

“How many times I saw a fruit hanging on a bare branch?!” 

On another hand , the tree doesn’t attack, she resists and leans her head to the wind until the wind passes by , then she go back to her usual position, and even though she dies standing up.

All the tree's efforts in her life is focused solely on her purposes: survival and giving.

She always got hurt by humans and animals but she resist by patience and spreading.

The plant provides beauty like roses and food like dates as a reward for transporting her seeds, to spread and give again.

For all these attributes, the plant became the most important creature among other living beings, she covered most of the planet, and became the most virtuous.

Undoubtedly, the plant gave us better than what we gave to her.
Those attributes and this generosity are characteristics of the good human who is like a tree.

The tree doesn’t nag or complain. 

If anyone needs love they should be like a tree.

The tree uses the worst of what living beings have: manure, which their droppings and corpses. Living beings gave the tree the worst they have and she gave them the best she has.

If she was trimmed, her branches and trunks will be more powerful than before, and her buds will grow up in other places. For the tree never feel despair..