The human feeling has no standards except what is natural. Because our feeling wants a constant standard to revolve around. This fixed standard which the human feeling attaches itself to is to enable us to determine our location. We swim in the sea of life without knowing where we are and we get snatched away by the changing waves and people. This is what causes our unhappiness and nightmares, even though the mind thinks that it did all it had to do, but the feeling doesn’t know what the mind knows. Our feeling wants a natural standard which enables us to know our place.

You find many youngsters feeling lost although they live their life to the fullest, but they don’t find comfort, even though they seek excitement and try to escape pain with entertainment and even drugs. "Is he who walks grovelling upon his face better guided, or he who walks upright upon a straight path?" the Quran.

The human feeling doesn’t know that money or society are of value, but it wants to know whether we are right or wrong. And that is one of the threads that lead to the existence of God, because the human feeling (our natural disposition) is searching for its Lord. This natural constitution doesn't change, develop, nor get affected by anything, else it won't be a natural constitution. However, a person can neglect his natural feeling, but it is still there unchanged and shared by everyone, "He has succeeded who purifies it, And he has failed who instills it [with corruption]" the Quran. This natural disposition is the feeling, and it becomes purified every time the mind connects to it and respects it and not vice versa.

When we deviate from the path of God we feel lost, and that is what most western youngsters suffer from, feeling lost. Even though the west are the masters of the world, who care most about their interests, and yet they couldn’t feel comfort and serenity. Some people explain what most westerns feel due to economical causes, but if that's so why didn’t the poor youngsters of India or Somalia feel it the same way?

When you don’t know what is right and wrong in a certain issue you'll feel lost in it. When you don’t know clearly where is right and wrong in your life you'll feel lost in life. The lack of the true constant standard is what causes this feeling. Feeling lost can be partial or total. Feeling total loss is when one in a state of internal chaos, as in lack of attachment to religion or lack of attachment to morality-which is more dangerous to the self-. Imagine yourself living solely for the sake of pleasure, after every pleasure you'll have bitter feelings, you'll start asking: what is my goal? What is the purpose of my existence in life? etc.., and such questions cannot be understood by the mind because they come from the feeling. Those questions if neglected can manifest themselves in the form of depression and illnesses.  

That is why safest path, in terms of the constants the feeling understand, is the path that is in harmony with our nature, and enlightened by the light of the Quran and guidance of Islam. The natural path removes man from all the areas that makes them confused about their location. The natural method/path tells us, for example, that the evil ideas that we hate and yet still come across our minds are from the devil, they don’t come from our self and our natural disposition. Such clarity and understanding provide man with inner security before it becomes an outer security, because the unclear vision causes fear. Through the Natural Path you can clearly understand the meaning of submission and trust in God, also we understand materialism and materialist thinking and the evils it causes to humanity. Thus, through the Natural Path life has become a lot easier.      

Relying on reason alone isn't enough to convince man even if they can't refute it. This leads to the distinction between mind and feeling, the existence of the feeling and that humans aren't only minds. The feeling wants to know the way or the path we walk in, is it true or false? With disregard to out mental processes. And by the term "feeling" I don’t mean "emotion", I mean our natural pure foundation, because the mind in most cases is what moves our emotions especially the extremist ones like fanaticism, due to the mind's attachment to our external interests.   

The mind interacts with the feeling in the language of fear and desire. When the mind tells the feeling that a thing is scary the feeling will be scared, unless it's something that the feeling knows. If someone told you, for example, that this device is dangerous you'll be scared because your feeling doesn’t know it. While if one said about a person – whom your feeling knows- that he's scary you'll not be scared the same way you were with the device which your feeling doesn't know. And thus we know the areas in which the mind can affect the feeling, which are the fields our feeling doesn’t know and didn't experience before. If someone tried to scare you from your friend and then you believe them even though your feeling knows that she's not scary, this means that you oppress your feeling, for you didn't take its evaluation towards your friend whether she is really scary or not.  

Who suppresses their feeling and prevent it from interacting with things they've prevented themselves from knowledge, for true knowledge is the one that comes from our feeling.

Anyone who presents knowledge opposing the knowledge of the feeling, the feeling will withdraw its trust in them and in all their other opinions. This leads to the fact that knowledge is knowing the feeling, else we wouldn’t have doubted their opinions in other matters. The feeling commands the mind to observe the fallacies of the people who oppose the knowledge of the feeling, so the mind starts catching their mental faults, for the feeling knows well that neglecting the knowledge of the feeling will lead to insanity in the end. The feeling wants the true natural standard that is built on virtue, and without it we feel lost, and loss lead to anxiety which produces depression. In case this standard is related to a person then the feeling will observe this person and seek his approval.