The human feeling strongly hates who tries to advocate virtue with vice, like who forcefully imposes virtue on others. The first requirement of virtue is that it has to be freely chosen. Who imposes virtue on others doesn’t give them a chance to choose good. The strong hatred we feel toward who forces virtue denotes that good should be practiced with our own free will. No good comes from good which comes through evil means, and crushing someone's free will is evil. The whole world glorifies the word "freedom" in a psychological reaction against coercion.    

Some people think that without coercion and authority people will all turn evil, and that's an illusion. There are two kinds of people: good and bad, not all them are evil.  Who advocates virtue and respects others' free choice will be more influential than who forcefully compels them. This proves the fact that fear from people becoming evil if not forced to be virtuous is a false idea inspired by the devil.     

Unlike what many people think, the more you recognize someone's free will the more are able influence them. That's why you can wish that God guides the person you're calling to God's path but you shouldn’t express that wish lest you pressure their freedom. Freedom is a huge responsibility, hence who feels free will realize that they're responsible for all their decisions even every word they say. And when a person feels this responsibility they will start relying on their own thinking .Your mind will not work unless it's in a free environment.

The human feeling struggles to live in a free environment in order for us to choose freely, because our feeling knows that God only accepts what we choose freely. That's why you will not feel satisfied with yourself until you freely choose to be good and surrender your life to God. The Quran addresses that idea in many verses, like : " There is no compulsion at all in religion", "For you is your religion, and for me is my religion", " will you then compel mankind, against their will, to believe?!", "can we force you to believe when you do not want to?!", " Say to them, "Everyone acts in his own way, and your Lord knows best who is rightly guided."".

God ordered His prophet to advise people and remind them of the truth in the best manner, He said in the Quran: "Call them to the path of your Lord with wisdom and words of good advice; and reason with them in the best way possible". God also said: " So remind; you are only a reminder, you are not a controller over them" and He said after that: " However, he who turns away and disbelieves, God will punish him the greatest punishment", God is the one who punishes them not us. The Quran's condemnation for coercing people to be virtuous proves that imposing virtue on who doesn't want it is a vice.  
We can't understand religion correctly without bearing in mind that it centers around a person's intentions and free choice, and that life is test of everyone's intentions which can only be made freely.    

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