Understanding is based on correct bricks (concepts) which form our mental structure. The accurate and quick connection between concepts (bricks of understanding) is what what's called intelligence. The more accurate, inclusive, logical and quick we link between those concepts the more intelligent we become. Thus, everyone needs to know the correct concepts, like the concept of friendship, love, justice, religion, morality or any other concept. Agreement on concepts leads to amity and mutual understanding among people, people will not have mutual understanding if they have different concepts. 

A person's mind and creativity are formed after knowing the true and natural concepts not before them. The accuracy and strength of concepts is what gives the mind its strength and stability. We can clearly see the skill of a builder, for instance, when we give him good bricks and tools, only then we can see his accuracy and speed in his profession. This is the only way to be genius. Geniality isn't an extraordinary gift as many people say. 

Those immaterial concepts are far more important to humans than material things, a person might sacrifice his/her life for an idea. That's why one must have true and correct concepts and understanding, they are like the map that shows us the way. 

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